Hi, I'm Dumisile, Founder and Head Curator at Mpumalanga Yami.

I’m on a mission to explore my home province and showcase its infinite beauty by bringing you exclusive travel and lifestyle content that captivates our breath-taking landscapes, celebrates the arts and honours our cultural diversity.

I’ve always been a creative and writing is one of my greatest passions. This inspired me to pursue a career in journalism which then opened the doorway to me cementing myself as a corporate communications practitioner.

While this is as thrilling as it is rewarding, I have longed for the freedom of discovering new places and immersing myself in different cultures, the freedom to inspire and be inspired by the fire that drives the people in my corner of South Africa.

To give life to this project, I’ve drawn from my years of communications experience and coupled that with my unwavering love for this province to deliver an authentic view of who we are.

Mpumalanga Yami, My Mpumalanga, is my way of paying homage to the lands that birthed and moulded me into who I am.

Let me take you on a journey through unspoiled terrain, let’s discover majestic waterfalls and find comfort in luxurious settings as you experience Mpumalanga and her people through my eyes.

Welcome to Mpumalanga Yami, nali lakitsi.